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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our front page . We utilize two URL's -> and

Search Page
Search our cemetery and name indexes

Province / Territory Page
Each of Canada's provinces or territories has its own province / territory page where you can search our indexes for cemeteries & names for just that area. Also available are regional specific links if you wanted to see what cemeteries are available in a smaller geographic area (e.g. a list of cemeteries in Halifax County, Nova Scotia)

Cemetery Page
Each cemetery listed on our website has its own cemetery page. Each cemetery page contains all known (to us) information about that cemetery, as well as submission forms specific to that cemetery if you have information to share. The cemetery page can be found by doing a search, then clicking on the cemetery name.

Name / Photo Page
Each name in our name index has its own name page (also referred to as photo page if a headstone photo is available). The name/photo page is where you can view information about the person in question, any photos that may be available, and make corrections to that name.

Here is where you can see what volunteer positions are available, and what is involved. This project is a 100% volunteer effort, new volunteers are always needed and always welcome.

Latest Updates
Our Update Blog and Facebook Page are where we announce updates to the website. It's also possible to receive update notifications by e-mail, or RSS

Map Project
We're attempting to locate and map every known Canadian cemetery. Help is needed!

About CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project

CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project is a free directory of known Canadian cemeteries, their names, locations, histories and where research materials can be located. Cemeteries, besides being a lasting memorial, are a valuable research tool for genealogists and family history buffs. We aim to help by bringing as much information about Canadian cemeteries to this project as possible.

Entirely! No part of CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project requires payment or registration. Take note of our site design and colour scheme - once they change you have left our project.

Photos allow those interested to view cemeteries & headstones they may be unable to visit in person. Photos can also preserve an image of a headstone for the future. Many stones degenerate over time and become unreadable. Others are vandalized or do not stand the test of time.

When our volunteers have one ready. To be notified when the site is next updated subscribe to our updates blog or follow us on Facebook. Announcements are made each time the site is updated.

Everyone involved in this project is a volunteer, including those who maintain the website. While we strive to respond to all messages within a reasonable amount of time, we work on the project during our free time (just as you visit this website during yours). This may mean there is a delay in replying to e-mails, adding information, or getting a cemetery photographed.

Please be patient when contacting us and give us a chance to answer your first message before sending a second (multiple requests do not get a quicker response). Give us a minimum of seven days for a reply (a bit longer during the summer months & holiday season). If you've not heard back after eight days, a second message would be welcome.

If your message was sent within the past 7 days, please be patient (see response time above). If it's been more than 7 days, there are two possibilities:
1. Your message wasn't received. It happens, e-mail goes astray
2. Your message didn't require a response. As volunteers we have to prioritize our free time in order to keep this site running. This means we may not respond to questions that are already answered on the website, and we definitely don't respond to research requests or queries (see the next question...)

No. If what you seek is available it will be on the website where you can access it yourself. Some cemeteries have lookup volunteers willing to visit and send photos via private e-mail, please contact them directly. Project coordinators cannot do this on your behalf.

Locate the photo in question and fill out the error form underneath the photo. It is not our intention to disrespect anyone by including a name or photo on our website and will honour valid requests for removal.

This icon appears next to a cemetery name when there are photos available. Click on the cemetery name to view the photo index.

It retired and was removed from the internet by its owner. We have adopted their photographs and they will be integrated into our project as they are indexed. For full details, please see our announcement regarding the CGG.

Cemetery Questions

Using this website:
If you know what cemetery they were buried in locate the cemetery in question. If burial information is known it will be on the cemetery page. Also take note of links offered under 'genealogy resources'.

If you don't know what cemetery, try searching our name indexes or go to the province/territory page and browse the cemeteries by locality.

Using other resources
Many genealogy societies in Canada have transcribed their local cemeteries and made the transcripts available for purchase or loan. If a transcript is known to exist for a cemetery it will be linked on this website on the cemetery page under 'genealogy resources'. To find a genealogy society start with CanadaGenWeb or Cyndi's List. Death registrations and newspaper death notices are additional sources that may indicate place of burial.

ALL information we currently have on each cemetery is on the website. As new information comes in it too is added to the website. If the information you seek is not yet on the website we (yet) don't have it. Please keep checking back.

If known, it will be indicated on the cemetery page.

There are two possible reasons:

1. We don't have that cemetery our database. While we do have over 19,000 known Canadian cemeteries we don't yet have them all. You can help by letting us know about this cemetery, to do so visit the province/territory page and use the 'submissions' form.

2. The cemetery isn't under the name you think. Instead of looking for the cemetery name, try browsing the list of cemeteries in the locality where the cemetery is located.

Where you see a / in a cemetery name it indicates a cemetery has (or had) more than one known name. The first name shown is the current or official name (e.g. Graham), any others that follow are local or past names. Our search feature is set up to search just the cemetery name field so we include all known names of a cemetery in this field to increase the odds you will be able to locate the cemetery under any name it may have.

We do not assign cemeteries nor decide when one will be photographed. That choice is left entirely up to volunteers, what they wish to photograph, and when they have time to tackle the project.

If the cemetery you're seeking is not yet photographed consider either a) volunteering to do it yourself, or b) volunteering to photograph a cemetery near you (there are international projects if you live outside Canada). The help you provide may encourage someone else to step up and volunteer.

Each photograph submitted is done so voluntarily at the discretion of the photographer. Some photographers are able to photograph entire cemeteries while others photograph as much as they can, or submit photos that are personal to their research.

If cemetery contact information is known, it will be on the cemetery page. Otherwise, we cannot provide contact information. You will need to use Canada 411, a search engine like Google, or call a local funeral home, memorial stone company, or the local municipality. We are a volunteer genealogy project and do not represent any cemetery.

We welcome links to other websites that provide cemetery information. Locate the cemetery in question and use the 'add a genealogy resource' form


Please locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

If it's one you created yourself, yes please! Locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

Send it in! Locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

If the photo you have has additional information or is more legible than the one currently online, yes please! To submit your photo(s) please locate the photo you wish to replace and use the 'replace photo' form available directly under the existing photo to ensure we add the photo to the correct cemetery.

To ensure that the information is applied to the correct cemetery. Many cemeteries have the same or similar names, in order to (try to) avoid confusion we have assigned a unique ID code to each cemetery. The forms available on each cemetery page have the ID code embedded into the form to ensure that submissions made from that cemetery page are added to that cemetery. It helps us out tremendously when there's no confusion about what information should be added where!

Yes! If possible please scan or have them printed to CD and send digital copies. If you're unable to do so you can send the print photos, but please be aware that we cannot reimburse for the cost of shipping nor return the photos.

Yes, but it is only provided to those submitting materials by post. Volunteers who need a mailing address can request it from the coordinator they are corresponding with.

As soon as they're indexed they'll be included in the next update covering that province/territory. If you'd like to index your own photos, please see our indexing cemetery photos page

Our Indexes

If it's an error with a cemetery (cemetery name, location, etc.) use the 'correct cemetery information' form found on the cemetery page.

If it's an error with a headstone, use the error form found on the name page.

1. Take note of the information located directly above the index. There should be a notation indicating whether "some headstones" or "every headstone" are included in the index.

"Some headstones" indicates that not every headstone is included in the index and the one missing is among those not included.
If the notation indicates "every headstone" was photographed:
- Look at the year the photographer visited, if the name in question was added after their visit it won't be in the index.
- Not all burials have headstones, if a stone isn't available it may not be included in the index.
- Is the stone hidden? If the cemetery was visited in winter or if the cemetery is in a flood zone it's possible the stone wasn't visible at the time of the visit. The same goes for foliage and bushes - many times grass, bushes & trees grow around a stone obscuring it from view.
- Oversights happen. Most cemeteries are not laid out in easy to follow rows and it's quite easy to get turned around and miss a stone or two.

2. Not all entries have photos. If the area underneath the name is blank, there is no photo. If you see a graphic like this -> it means there should be a photo but there's an error preventing it from appearing (if you see this graphic please use the error form below the graphic to report it so we can fix it).

We're happy to include missing names if you are 100% certain that person was buried in the cemetery in question. We're also happy to include a headstone photo if you can provide one. To let us know of a missing name or to share your photo, locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

We cannot fulfill requests for photos of specific stones. Please check the 'genealogy resources' part of the cemetery page, if a lookup volunteer is available they may be able to fulfill your request.

If the name of a relative appears on an older stone, that name will be included in the index along with a relationship identifier (e.g. spouse, parent, sibling, etc.). See also: Why is everyone on a stone indexed

Our indexes are meant to lead you to every photo/transcript where a person is named. If a person is in an index more than once, it means the person is either named on more than one headstone or there is more than one photograph available. Women are also indexed under both their married and maiden names if both are known to us.

Some ages and birth years are estimates based on the information provided on the stone. For example, a stone may have only a date of death and age at death. A birth year would be estimated by subtracting the age from the year of death.

Photos can be used in personal research (that includes online family trees*) provided the photographer is credited as the source, and the photo is used AS IS without removing any copyright tags that may be present.

*Family trees, not other cemetery websites!

Linking directly to a photo is not permitted. If you wish to share, share our address instead (

No. Please respect the photographers who generously shared their photos by allowing them to choose where and when their photos will appear (don't presume on their behalf). Requests to photographers are not forwarded, if they wish to post elsewhere they'll do so without prodding.

No. Doing so violates both our policy (see the question directly above) and Find a Grave's community rules. If you didn't take the photo, don't own the photo, or don't have prior permission from the photographer, you don't have the right to post the photo(s) anywhere.

What you see on the website is the extent of the information we currently have, we have nothing further we can send you nor can we conduct research on your behalf.

If a lookup volunteer is available their name and contact information will be visible on the cemetery page, you can contact them directly with your request. If no lookup volunteer is available, then no lookup requests are available for that cemetery at this time.

© Copyright 2004- CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project